About Us

Flying Past

"Some companies provide terminals, or ground handling, or trip support. We offer it all – everything private travel requires, anywhere in the world – seamlessly and with impeccable service."

- Zach Lesinski, Co-founder


We strive to deliver a personalized travel experience to our clients built on comfort, trust, convenience, and safety. 


Aerocape was founded on the belief that every person deserves a luxury experience. Our aviation solutions ensure you enjoy the best trip every time. From finding optimized routes and coordinating flights to securing permits and arranging dispatch services, we manage all facets of flight operations worldwide. Flying with us means peace of mind—and that is the ultimate luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions

The benefit of flying private is that the trip is designed for you. Whether domestic or international, we can take you anywhere you want! 

Every travel experience is unique, and we pride ourselves on offering a customized solution for our clients. To determine your trip cost, please contact us for a personalized quote.